Jacob's Trouble

Posted on August 2, 2013 at 11:50 PM

Hope you had a great INDEPENDENCE DAY today. I am proud to be part of the greatest country in the world and so should you. Yes, there are many growing problems in our govern ment, but we are still the free land, but for how much longer. Wave "OLD GLORY" proudly. Despite what some people may say or think. I do believe that this great nation was founded upon Christian principals and ideas. Yes, there are Satanic influences throughout this countries history, but I say love this country for it has been blessed by God. God however is not concerned with us, that is America, not that he doesn't care, but America isn't God's focus. Isreal is. A tiny piece of land smaller than the smallest of states. Why would God care so much about such a small piece of land you might ask. If but I personally think when this country comes against Isreal we will not be the land of the free and the home of the brave anymore. We will lose our soverignty and become part of a the american union and part of the world government, which you can see forming at this moment. Isreal will not though, because it was promised to the seed of Abraham. And of course most of you know the story Abraham had to sons, only one is the son of the promise. And ancestors of both these nations have been claiming right to an inheritance. The world wants to give it to the children of the elder son, but God promised it to the younger. The younger son of course was Isaac, whom had two sons himself. And the younger of them was also given the promise over his older brother, whom had the birthright. Jacob God renamed Isreal and all his decendents are called the children of Isreal. God is great! Sometimes when we think we have it all figured out, God shows us that we are wrong, this has happened to me several times in my life. I have been wrong a lot, but God is always good to correct me. We just have to be willing to open up to the truth when it's presented to us. That does not mean just take what anyone says, by no means. The fact is we need to back it up with God's word. To anyone that says there is no proof of the bible I say look at Isreal. The holocaust to me is one of the biggest proofs that God exists. I know some will scoff and say if God is real why did the jews suffer? Look at the history of the Isreal, here are a people that had a kingdom, were strong, and then oppressed for almost 3,000 years, and the worst of their oppression was in this past century. I challenge people to study what happened to this people. A people that have been hated more than any other group of people. African Americans were never descriminated as much as the Jews. Even now the world and even now America have their hearts set against this people. There has never been any other people that others have wanted to completly destroy off the face of the earth. Not for anything they have done, but because of who they are. I found it hard to believe that the bible has not mentioned anything about the holocaust, the single worse event to happen to Gods chosen people. I would have to say that is completly wrong, and God doesn't work that way. Many of the end time scenerios are being thwarted one by one. I for one was a huge believer in the pre-rapture theory. Until I started to study it, and to my amazement all the scriptures that they use to try and prove it, actually disprove the theory. Why would that be? Surely God would want us to understand his word. Wouldn't he? God wants us to have a love for the truth. He wants us to know his word. To many of us sit in the pews and take the preachers word for everything. That is the most dangerous thing you can do as a Christian. A good minister is going to want you to prove him, a preacher should be accountable to his or her congregation. If one is going to feed the children of God, you surely would want to know if you were being fed good food. You can eat almost anything, but some things are not good for you. Some things can harm you, make you sick, even destroy you. Same thing with doctrine, if your being fed bad doctrine it can harm you, even destroy your soul. The scripture tells us about a time called Jacobs trouble.

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