Saints and Sinners

Posted on August 3, 2013 at 12:00 AM

We think of a Saint as someone that does good, a goody two shoes if you will, and a sinner as the bad boy, or bad girl. That gets the blood pumping. I was thinking about my last blog, which mentions willfully sinning. Basically saying if we willfully sin after we've been saved. We are not going to be saved. But then we must ask the question was does it mean to willfully sin. It must be noted that most athiests have a religious background and many if not most of them were once Christians and know a great deal about the scriptures. So then what the heck happened? Well there are many answers, but what it comes down to is deception. jesus gives us parables of how the enemy quickly comes up and snatches away the word, or when persecution, because of the word, comes up, that many fall away. I have run into some athiests and I'm sure some of our readers will as well that know scripture, very well. Many have lost their faith because of loss. "How could God let this happen to me," persecution, we live in a time that a growing intolerance for Jesus, the bible, or Christianity is becoming popular. People will today wrap their arms around you if your gay or an alcoholic but if you say your a Christian they will want nothing to do with you. What's up with that? When the bible is speaking of willfully sinning, it's talking about those that were once saved, had been baptized, received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and tasted of the world to come. It must be noted that God will not reject you, he will not let go of you. You cannot lose your salvation. But there is no such thing as once saved always saved. You can pry God's fingers away, you can walk away. He will let you go. God will not force you to stay. You can say God I'd rather not, as many have. And give up your salvation, but you can't lose it. Struggling with sin is not turning your back on God. We all make mistakes. Is that an excuse? Should we keep sinning because we have grace. No! We should strive to be better. Now not everything is a sin. I've been in denominations that thought just about everything was sinful. You'd be afraid to walk out your front door. Because the scripture says put no evil before your eye there are those denominations that have said watching TV is a sin. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Why would you not want to put evil before your eye? Because it may cause you to sin. I must admit there is not a whole lot of good on TV, it is full of worldliness, it's full of lust of the flesh, pride of life and everything else. But it's merely a channel. If you have TV use discretion, you know if something is evil. To some if it's fun it's sinful, oh my word, get a life! I grew up hearing how evil rock and roll music was, is it? Rock music is like everything else it can be made good or bad. I must say one thing though, I love edgy music, I love gritty guitars. I love excellent singing. I know that the screamo music is popular, and I do believe their are bands that love the Lord and are trying to use this vehicle to bring kids to Christ. But what I question is the growling and snorting and sounding like a demon as they do in screamo. Your preaching the gospel and sounding like demons. How is that Christian? I don't see the problem with the music, but vocalizing it sounds evil. It sounds like demons! I first heard this music with bands like GWAR, and though I love theatrics and I can see GWAR doing this, they look like demons. Anyway that's my opinion on that. I know there are those that said every Christian band that came out was evil. I'm sure there are those bands that are in the Christian music scene who's Christianity is shallow, but I'm sure there are those that certainly love the Lord, even those that play screamo. But I would sure pray about it. I've heard hardcore Christian bands and it is hard to believe you can call it Christian, not saying that the bands intent is not good. But we must be careful and not let the world come in. This has to be about getting the gospel to the world. We must be a light to them, not the other way around. Back to sin. What is a sinner? For that matter what is a Saint? According to the bible all have sinned. How could all have sinned? We are born into sin. To the non-believer and the novice that might not make much sense. How can we born into sin. Because of original sin. What? Original sin. Sin entered the world by Adam, the first man. I know we like to blame Eve. But God didn't tell Eve. He told Adam. Adam told Eve. And if you read the story in Genesis, Adam was the first to start his own religion. How you might ask? God told Adam this, "Don't eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or you'll die." We know from Eve's answers to the serpent that she was given a few other rules. Don't look at it, don't go near it, don't think about it, don't, don't don't, don't. Hmmmm, sound familiar? All God said was don't eat it. The serpent was then able to show her the tree, to look at it, hold it, smell it, climb in it, and it was okay. She hadn't done anything wrong, maybe dis-obeying the rules Adam gave her, but she didn't dis-obey God, well until she ate of it. But can you see that how not knowing what the word of God was, Satan was able to give her a delusion that she wasn't doing anything wrong. She touched it after all and nothing happened. Satan knew she had second hand knowledge and twisting what she believed till he got her to sin. But she still didn't bring sin into the world. She was punished for her sin. But because Adam sinned, he condemned all of mankind to Hell, gee thanks Adam! We immediately like to jump up and say how unfair it is that God condemned man to both death and Hell (eternal death) because of one man's sin. If you ever hear someone say, "If it's preached over the pulpit it's a law!" run for your life, or rather your soul. A man or woman that puts they're words before God is doing just what Adam did. This is what caused Jesus to become very upset with the religious leaders of his day. They had put up so many of their own laws that they made God's laws of no effect. Many of the burdens churches place upon their congregation are bi-laws set up either by the denomination, church leaders or pastors. I charge you and every man, woman and child if it's preached over the pul pit you grab your bible and see if God said it or just man. Many times it's just man or man's interpretation of what God said. Read it for yourself. I'm not saying get your own interpretation, but take it for what it says. Not this is what it says, but this is what it means. What's up with that? So in saying that if the bible specifically says something is a sin then you know it's a sin. If not then it's man saying it's a sin. A sinner is someone that breaks God's law. Because Adam broke God's law, we are one, born with the knowledge of good and evil and we also die. And because of sin we are condemned to a sinners death in Hell. Why? Hell was created for the angels that rebelled against God not man. Hell enlarged herself. She grew, she widened those hips out to make room for all us sinners. Sinners turn and hate God for condemning them to Hell. God did not condemn man to Hell. Sin did. Sin broke the relationship, God had with man. A father and son. Why is it Father's and sons don't get along? I didn't get along with my dad and my son doesn't get along with me. I'm not like my Dad and my son is not like me. There is a huge void between us. My son hates me, I don't know why? I've tried to be the cool Dad, I"ve tried to be tough. I failed at both. I have daughters that love me, but my son hates me. He by choice lives away from me and wont speak to me and I for the life of me cannot understand why? But it has made me understand the relationship God has with us. We hate God. God calls out to us and we don't want to talk to him. He blesses us and we curse him. Would you die for your kids? I mean it. Would you die for you kids? How about this, would you die for a child that hated you and wanted nothing to do with you. A child you brought into this world and loved with all your heart. Yet cursed you to your face and wanted absolutely nothing to do with you, wasn't thankful, took what you gave them and trampled it under their feet. Scoffed and mocked you, and even when you pleaded with them they laughed at you? How many actually would. I know some people think God put up his own kid to die for you. But that's not the truth. What God did was wrap himself in flesh for the sole purpose of dying. He was born a man (the son) born to die. He was like a lamb born to die. He offered up a sinless life in order to pay the price of sin. He loved us so much and wanted us back so much he became a man to die a horrible death, to be beaten and mocked and spit on and tortured for you and for me. All because he doesn't want you to go to Hell. Jesus came to earth to save you from Hell. That was his sole purpose. His blood is applied to you when you are baptized in his name. And when you receive the Holy Ghost you receive the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, and when he returns he will change your mortal body to immortal and you will never die. Death will finally be defeated. Sin caused Death, by one man sin entered the world and by one man he defeated death once and for all. But without Jesus we are still condemned to Hell. We need to come to his call, we need to take this offer he has given us. That no matter what we have done, he will wipe it away, paid in full. Your reservation to Hell is cancelled. We have no other hope. If we reject Christ, we die in our sins, we pay for our own sins. The choice is yours.... Let Christ pay for you, or you pay for it yourself with your own soul. Christ doesn't condemn you to Hell, you were already going there, Christ is what can save you from Hell. He's your get out of Hell free card. USE IT!!! It's free! People say that coming to God requires your life, but the truth is sin requires your life, and Christ offers you eternal life. Your not going to die and go to Heaven. Your not going to die and go to Hell. Jesus will give you eternal life or you'll be thrown alive into Hell. You'll wake up from death at the Resurrection either to life eternal or to be cast alive into the fires of Hell. There is a belief that you must obtain saint hood, but saint hood is given to all those that come to Jesus Christ. When the saints come marching in, oh I want to be in that number, oh when the saints come marching in. Don't disregard Jesus Christ, he is the only way out of Hell. When someone says that got saved, they got saved from HELL, plain and simple. Come join the good fight, Christ is calling you today. And to someone that is saved what is willfully sinning? I believe that would be walking away from God. I believe that God will try and bring you back and try and try, but at some point will blot your name from the book of life. Revelations 3:1-5.

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